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The Kletsk region lies in the south-west of the Minsk oblast. The area is 974 square kilometers. The ethnic pattern is the following: Belarusians (93.6%), Russians (3.5%), Poles (1.5%), Ukrainians (0.8%), Tatars (0.2%) and others (0.4%).

The town of Kletsk is the center of the region. Railways link up Kletsk with Osipovichi and Baranovichi, motorways with Slutsk, Brest, Nesvizh, Luninets.

The central part of the region is the Kletsk plain, the northern part – the Kopyl ridge, the southern part lies within the Pripyat Polesie.

The major minerals are peat, loam, mason’s sand, sand-gravel material, chalk. The average temperature in January is - 6.3 Celsius below zero, in July +17.8 Celsius above zero. Atmospheric precipitations total 626 millimeters per year. The vegetation period makes up 192 days. The River Lan has confluents Nacha and Tsepra. The River Moroch is at the border with the Kopyl region, the reservoir of Loktysh is in the south. Coniferous and birch forests account for 25% of the territory. Among natural monuments is the park of Radzivillimonty, petiolate oaks (the Golynki and Novinki forestries).