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6 August 2020

Opinion: Future of Belarus hinges on each of us today

Each of us carries a great responsibility for the future of Belarus today, Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Vladimir Andreichenko told reporters as he took part in early voting at polling station No. 4 in Minsk, BelTA has learned.

“I came to vote early due to my work schedule. In general, each of us carries a great responsibility for the future of Belarus today. Everyone should make an informed choice so that Belarus should continue to develop and our

people should live and work in peace. It is important to keep our country stable, safe and secure. This is the basis for improving the well-being of our people. This is what I have voted for today," Vladimir Andreichenko said.

Any campaigns should comply with the Constitution and electoral laws. “Our laws are very progressive. We have introduced amendments and additions to the Electoral Code three times. Our electoral legislation is viewed quite highly by international parliamentary organizations,” the speaker said.

Vladimir Andreichenko stressed that those people who are trying to destabilize the situation in Belarus today seek to stir protests in the society. “This will not do good to the country and the people. We should remain calm, restrained, and I see that this is what people want. I have held many meetings in regions. People understand that it is only through work, discipline, law and order that we can make Belarus a modern, prosperous country," he added.