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19 May 2021

Turchin: "The participation of caring citizens and the state in the process of the restoration of the church are complementary things"

Today the chairman of Minsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Turchin made a working trip to the agricultural town of Budslav. On May 11, a serious fire broke out here: the spiritual center of Belarusian Catholics - the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - caught fire.


The fire took place in the morning, but local residents reacted in time, promptly notified the head of the church, who in turn called the employees of the regional department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The firefighters arrived in four minutes. Thanks to their well-coordinated work, the fire was quickly extinguished. Local residents took an active part in the preservation of the shrine. Together with the clergy, they promptly removed the main value from the church - the Icon of the Mother of God of Budslav, as well as liturgical accessories, saved the old organ from water and fire. However, the church was significantly damaged. The roof of the central nave has been completely destroyed.

The President took control of the restoration of the 17th century Catholic shrine.


Alexander Turchin personally visited the church in order, together with representatives of the competent services and the Catholic Church, to assess the extent of the damage and develop the optimal correct strategy for the restoration of the church.

- The first task for today is to examine the church and the damage. The specialists have already started this work. We will get the first result by May 30, - noted Alexander Turchin. - As for the reconstruction itself, the most important thing in this situation is to make a temporary roof in order to limit the access of moisture inside the temple.


According to the governor, in 2012-2013 the regional executive committee provided financial assistance to the temple and specialists of the Minskgrazhdanproekt Institute worked here, so the necessary documentation is available. In the near future, a project organization will be involved in the work.

- We will try to close the issue of temporary roofing by the end of June. In parallel, it is necessary to prepare project documentation. There are a number of problems here, associated not only with damage from the fire, but also with the strengthening of the foundation, reconstruction of the interior decoration of the church. Obviously, it will take time to resolve these issues. But we will understand the volumes, scales and amounts after the preparation of the project documentation.


- There is a lot of work to be done. The combustion temperature was over 1100 degrees. The vault is deformed, the plaster is stratified, the dome needs reinforcement, ”says Gennady Malashuk, director of the Stroyrekonstruktsiya NPPU of the Belarusian Public Association of Architects and Civil Engineering Scientists. “We scanned the eaves to make a temporary roof. But now we need to clearly decide: we will use metal structures that are well mounted on site, or wooden ones. The temple is a cultural monument of the 1st category, such moments will need to be coordinated with the Ministry of Culture.


- The Ministry of Culture is very interested in the high-quality restoration of the church, therefore, I am sure that we will find mutual understanding and build the correct algorithm of actions, - notes the chairman of the special commission for the elimination of the consequences of emergencies and the restoration of the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, auxiliary bishop of the Minsk-Mogilev Archdiocese Alexander Yashchevsky... - The most important thing is that all the values of the church have been preserved thanks to the caring parishioners and their families.


It will take a lot of effort and money to restore the Belarusian Catholic shrine.

- We are grateful to people and legal entities who donate funds for the restoration of the church. But the state will not remain on the sidelines either. The President has clearly and clearly expressed himself on this score, - stressed Alexander Turchin.