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Kletsk District Executive Committee
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Regional News

16 September 2022
At a field meeting on the implementation of Decree No. 3, Alexander Turchin emphasized that solving the issue of employment in the labor market requires an integrated approach,  Minskaya Pravda  reports. — Using the example of Cherven district, I would like to show the work that is taking place in this area. The task is to personalize as much as possible the category of citizens unemployed in the economy, so that we understand who is on these lists and how to work with each...
2 September 2022
A stylish modern school in the new northwestern neighborhood of the satellite city opened for the first time on September 1 for more than a thousand children. Chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Turchin came to congratulate students, teachers and parents ,   Minskaya Pravda  reports. — In the magnificent city of Smolevichi, which is now actively developing, a new school has been built for the first time in the last 30 years. A new kindergarten was...
24 August 2022
In the new school year, kindergartens, schools and vocational education institutions in the central region will receive 237.2 thousand people. 18.3 thousand first-graders will sit at their desks, which is 1,000 more than last year. The educational process will be carried out by more than 29 thousand teachers. The regional budget provides 21.84 million rubles for the preparation of educational institutions according to the revised annual plan. Including - 12.15 million...
21 July 2022
The problematic issues of the inhabitants of Myadel district were considered today, on July 20, by the chairman of Minsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Turchin. The head of the region held a personal reception of citizens. One of the first to come to him was Tatyana Yaroshevich from Parubki. The woman drew attention to the most pressing and urgent problem - bad roads,  Minskskaya Pravda  reports. According to the applicant, the access to the rural houses is carried out...
29 June 2022
A little more than two months are left before the regional "Dozhinki", which will be held this year in Stolbtsy. Whether the region is ready for a large-scale holiday was discussed at a meeting with the participation of the chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Turchin,  Minskskaya Pravda  reports. According to the chairman of Stolbtsy District Executive Committee, Denis Kolesen, the construction of the bypass road is one of the most important facilities...

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